Thursday, April 19, 2018

Yahtzee with Buddies - Fun on the Go

Fun on the Go

Recently I was contacted by Scopely and BSM Media to check out the new Yahtzee with Buddies app! I downloaded it on to my iPhone 7s from the App Store and began to play right away! The app is fun and bright, and I love the various options of play available within the app.

I love games like this that give you the instant satisfaction of being able to complete a game quickly, but also have longer term events within the game - so it keeps you coming back.

How to Play

If you're unfamiliar with the traditional rules of Yahtzee, you roll 5 dice a series of up to 3 times - trying to get the best sets possible. You're rewarded for getting 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, and the ultimate - 5 of a kind which is a YAHTZEE! There are also various combinations you can put together for extra points, a series of numbers on the die and a set of two with a set of three.

It's fun to play and easy to pick up on the rhythm of the game.

You can download the app for FREE at this link:

Join the Fun

In my video review on YouTube, I share how the app works and how easy it is to play:

You can download the app for FREE and see how fun it is for yourself! Available for iOS and Android. Download HERE

Also, while you're on there - make sure to find me... AmiableRooster3741. (Apparently. I didn't think about changing my name before I was just in TOO deep! Ha!) And you can play ME in Yahtzee with Buddies!

See ya there!

** This is a sponsored post by Scopely for Yahtzee with Buddies. I was compensated to try this app. All opinions are my own.