Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spring & Summer Style

Spring is finally in full effect here in Michigan, which seems funny to say since it will technically summer soon! With the kids still in school for another week, and the weather just now starting to warm up consistently... it feels like spring is a very short season here! I'm welcoming the warmer weather, along with the style changes that come along with it! Check out some of the Spring and early Summer style picks I'm liking right now!

Spring & Summer Style Picks

Home Style

For home style, I've enjoyed adding in more faux greenery around the house that gives the room a fresh feeling and brighten the rooms up when you chose a light colored or green accent floral. I've gravitated towards white floral pieces or all greenery pieces and added them into rooms like the family room, kitchen - and even the master bathroom! It gives the room a subtle calming feeling and I think it helps the room feel more put together!

Some faux greenery I've added around the house - on entry way table is from Hobby Lobby.

Check out some my favorite faux greenery finds in my Home Decor Haul video and take a tour around our house to see some of my favorite greenery accents:

I've also been adding in some REAL greenery here and there as well. Fresh flowers are one of my favorite Spring treats to myself. I tend to pick them up at Trader Joe's, based on convenience (it's located near our house) and also selection. I think they have a great range of florals in my favorite colors for decorating.

Some fresh flowers on the kitchen table freshen up the space!

Kid Style

Warmer weather means more sundresses! Picture taken at Detroit Zoo.

The girls are of course growing as quickly as the greenery outside, and the change of seasons is always a great time to stock up on items for the new size they are going in to! This season, Isabella is going into some size 7 clothing, and still in size 6 for some items - Natalie is in a size 5 top, and size 4 bottom. For dresses, we are sticking in the 4/5, 5/6, and 6/7 ranges. Recently, I have tried a number of dresses from the clothing company Eleanor Rose, which makes classic style children's clothing which has more of a handmade or more customized feel to it than box store clothing. We are loving the dresses we have added in and shared some of the first ones we purchased in a recent girls' clothing haul:

I've also added to that since then, so I'll have to share what we've added in an upcoming haul video! And we are still loving clothing staples for kid's from Gymboree and Target! I just recently put in a Gymboree order to pick out some items from their mermaid line, and we've also found some great Tsum Tsum pajamas at Target.

Natalie in a dress by Eleanor Rose

We're still loving shoes from companies like Livie & Luca, that we've been purchasing for a number of years! I've added a few new pairs in each of the girls new respective shoe sizes, as they both recently jumped into new shoe sizes as well!

Natalie's preschool graduation outfit was an Eleanor Rose dress paired with Livie & Luca petals shoes!

Mom Style

I also like to freshen up my own wardrobe when the seasons change and add in some great pieces that I can mix and match with my functional wardrobe basics that I use from season to season. I might use the same pair of Apt 9 jeans (that are actually capris, but can be double duty if rolled down since I'm short!) in winter that I would use in Spring, and just change the tops and accessories that I would wear with it.

Screenshot from a video - wearing one of my infamous long cardigans!
Long flowy cardigans from Nordstrom have been one of my wardrobe staples the past few years, I particularly like the Bobeau brand and can alawys usually find pieces when I stop in that will work great for me. Over the years, I've collected the Bobeau long cardigans in a rainbow of colors and I use those over printed tanks to interchange with different looks. I find this works really well for me, because I feel polished and the outfit is still fun, while working with the demands (read: running after a child) of mom life!

Here were some of my early Spring finds in this haul video:

And I will have another late spring clothing haul coming up soon! I've been finding lots of great shirts at Marshall's this season. (On Rae Dunn hunting runs, if we have to be honest.) And I've also been finding some great wardrobe pieces for really affordable prices at - Charming Charlie!! Of all places!! So more on that in my upcoming haul (part 2) video!

New sign I purchased on Etsy from SouthernDunn.

Overall, the warmer weather and the prospect of summer ahead to be able to spend more quality time with the girls is exciting!! What are you loving for home style, kid style, and mom style this Spring?

** This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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