Saturday, March 11, 2017

Food of the Week + Weekly Meal Plan #3!

Well, this week is what we like to call a "slacker week" in the world of making dinners, ha! It was for (somewhat?) good reason... Occasionally I like to take a week off, just taking it down a notch on the amount of preparation meals take, sometimes either because we have a lot going on that week or because I have a main focus going on over the course of the week that I'd like to turn my additional on. This week it was the latter, because the majority of my focus over the week was for a big "Beauty and the Beast dinner" that I wanted to have on Friday!

I'll be sharing that special dinner, the prep, and different recipes in vlog & blog posts coming up... For today, let's look at what our week looked like in pictures and also our weekly meal plan!

Also, it should be noted - although I of course didn't plan it - that this turned out to be a good week to be "low key", because our area in metro Detroit suffered a huge windstorm on Wednesday that knocked out power to over 860,000 people in our region! We luckily never lost full power, but we have been without Internet for the past 3 days, it finally just coming back up last night! So luckily I had a few things scheduled, but posts like this one that I write and then immediately post were put on hold until we had Internet again! So it turned out to be a good "low key" week anyhow!

Real life, real family, real food!

Weekly Meal Plan #3:

Here's this week's Meal Plan (3/5/17 - 3/11/17):

Sunday: Shrimp with garlic noodles
Monday: Burrito Bake (pre-made)
Tuesday: Fish with veggie side
Wednesday: Porkchops
Thursday: "Frozen" Chicken Nuggets
Friday: ** Beauty and the Beast Dinner Night** I will have a whole video and blog series on this night!
Saturday: Hot Dogs/on the go - we have a school function this night and may be getting food while on the go!

So let's dive in and see what the week looked like in pictures!

Sunday: Shrimp with garlic noodles

Kid's version!

Monday: Burrito Bake
This was pre-made and something I purchased in the frozen section at Wal-Mart! It took about an hour after I popped it into the oven and actually was pretty good! It is something I would get again if I have a week where I have less preparation time available!

This came pre-made from Wal-Mart. I do believe you could easily make it from ingredients. It was pretty good!

Kid's version!

Tuesday: Fish with veggie side (a "go to" easy meal!)

Kid's version!

Wednesday: Porkchops, another go to easy one to make in the broiler!

Thursday: "Frozen" Chicken Nuggets... and I do mean both literally and figuratively, "Frozen"!

Friday: Beauty and the Beast dinner night! We had a ton of fun with this night! The main course was sirloin steak served with green beans, potatoes, crescent rolls, and a number of fun desserts!

Saturday: Free Space! On the go!

Coming up, I'll be sharing different recipes on the blog that I've been videoing along and also will be sharing the written recipe as well so you can more easily reference in the future! I've been getting good feedback about sharing this type of content on the blog, so I hope you are enjoying it!

**This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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