Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Visit to Detroit Kid City

This past weekend, we took the girls to Detroit Kid City, a local play area where everything is inspired by real life and perfectly kid-sized!

What to Do There

The girls loved exploring the different kid-sized rooms, which came in themes like a Barber Shop, Post Office, Record Studio, "Up North", Market, and a little school room. Each area had its own accessories to match the theme and some areas even had dress-up outfits that the kids could put on to play the part! Natalie enjoyed getting letters from the postal office and delivering them from place to place, while Bella was a big fan of all of the animals in the "Up North" area!

Suggested age range for visiting Detroit Kid City is ages 1 through 8, so my girls were right in the middle of the age window on this trip at ages 5 & 6. Natalie, my 5 year old, really enjoyed the interactive displays where she could deliver mail, play the ukulele, and check out items in the market place. Bella who is 6 years old, enjoyed using the imaginative play to make a camping scene with the animals from Up North, and create works of art in the art area.

Before you go

Cost was $10 per child and adults are admitted to the play area for free. There are benches and seating areas throughout the play area so that adults can sit near the area where your child is playing or join in on the fun. We also grabbed a few beverages while we were there, I got an iced tea and my husband got an iced coffee, we thought they were well priced and tasted good! I especially liked my tea, which I went back to get a refill on! The kids both tried out the kid's smoothies and liked the flavors on those.

There is a location in Southfield for people that live in Oakland County and Downriver Areas, and also a new Clinton Township location for those that live closer to the lake or Macomb County areas. It was a short drive for us and we definitely would consider going again! It was a great few hours of fun and a neat experience for the kids to have everything at "their level"!

Check out the Detroit Kid City website for more information on hours and updated information on pricing.

** This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing our thoughts on an activity we took the kids to as a family. All opinions are my own. 

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