Thursday, January 19, 2017

DIY Wood Bead Garland for Home

Lately as my style has changed, I've enjoyed checking out new home trends that kind of lean more towards the "Vintage Farmhouse" vibe that I'm trying to incorporate in our home more this year. As I would look through pictures on Instagram, one item kept popping out at me over and over again... Wooden bead garland! I just loved the look of it, and loved the idea of decorating the house with a bit of its own "jewelry"!

In the past, I'd made beaded bracelets just for fun, so I thought that stringing wood beads would be fairly easy - and it did turn out be to so. There are a lot of different configurations, colors, and sizes to chose from... with my first beaded garland, I chose a natural unfinished bead that was 1 inch strung across a single strand of twine. I made little tassels at the ends from jute I had leftover from burlap wreath making, and I thought it turned out great!

Check out the tutorial on how to make it HERE:

Next, I plan to try different size configurations together on a strand and also painting the beads to add different colors into rooms, I love the added effect the beads make on the shelf and think it is a great way to add something interesting to a small space!

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