Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 10 Viewed YouTube Videos of 2016!!

2016, what a year! Lots of ups, lots of downs... and lots of YouTube videos documenting it all along the way! One thing for certain is that 2016 will be memorable, I'm just hoping at this point that 2017 is a bit more on the positive side. There were lots of great moments in 2016 though, and we shared a number of them on YouTube!

Through it all, I'm just going to toot my own horn for a minute and say I'm proud of myself for sticking to it and resolving to "keep going" even with all of the extraordinary negative things we had happen this year. I didn't take any major breaks from vlogging (although I totally respect those that do when needed!!) and resolved that no matter what the year threw at me (and boy were some of them DOOZIES...) - I would find a way to keep going with YouTube. Our story may have changed from what I originally thought the year would look like, but I would keep telling it.

And so I did. And I'm proud of that. So while I personally would have chosen a number of different outcomes for some of the more negative scenarios of the year, I feel like we have come out the other side and we are ready to take on 2017. More on that in my upcoming year review...

For now, let's look back at the top ten viewed videos of the year! These were my highest viewed videos of the year, some very much a surprise that they took off as much as they did - these were what viewers wanted to see more of on Being Mommy with Style this year!

10. Christmas Morning 2015

Viewers LOVE seeing our Christmas activities, with Christmas morning being no exception! It's exciting for us to watch the girls open their gifts, and it's fun to share it with you as well! Christmas videos and Vlogmas in general are some of my favorite videos to look back on!

9. Disney Dream Cruise - Day 2, Nassau

The cruise was definitely one of the highest highs of the year, what a wonderful surprise by Disney! Our family had never cruised before, so this was an all new type of video for us, and viewers loved seeing a different type of vlog from us! I also found that there were fewer Disney Cruise Line vlogs on YouTube than Walt Disney World videos, so those interested in cruises really appreciated being able to see the experience! I'm excited to be sharing our upcoming cruise in 2017 and see an all new ship!

8. Natalie's First Dance Class 

The littlest dancers are so cute! This one was a surprise hit for me, even though I used to be a dancer and know how adorable that age bracket can be!

7. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Experience at the Castle

This experience at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique inside Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World was AMAZING... it was Natalie's first time getting a makeover, and the first time the girls were able to do it together! They were seated next to each other and what unfolded was just... magical!

6. American Girl Shopping Surprise!

We love shopping, that is no secret - and American Girl has become one of our new favorite hobbies to do together! We were fortunate enough to get a "pop up" American Girl Store in Michigan for the holidays, so this video was checking it out for the first time!

5. Natalie's 5th Birthday

Watching people open gifts is just such a heart warming process, seeing that smile on their face when they see what is inside - it's just sure to brighten up your day! Viewers loved watching Natalie turn 5, and her birthday festivities that day!

4. Disney Dream Cruise, Embarkation Day

WOW!! I had no idea this video would be so popular! Viewers loved seeing our first day aboard the Disney Dream and what all the embarkation process entailed. It was a bit of a nerve-racking process before the fact, not knowing what to expect. Once we arrived we found it went quickly and smoothly and I feel much more confident going into our next cruise that embarkation will be a piece of cake! 

3. American Girl Dollhouse Finds

This is one of the videos that influenced our decision to start a new channel this year dedicated to toy reviews, including doll videos, and other vlogs that the girls want to film - INtoyreviews. I really enjoy this type of video and it seems that viewers do as well, we decided we wanted to do more of this type of video and with the girls starting to grab the camera on their own to vlog, we knew it was time to set up some more real estate on YouTube to place it on!

2. Kon Mari Organization Method - Clothing

The KonMari Organization Method continued in its popularity this year, with a cameo even in the Gilmore Girls Revival, more people sought out videos on YouTube about what all this tidying method entailed.

And drumroll please..........

1. American Girl Surprise!

With 1,157,000+ views during 2016, this fun video was my #1 viewed video on beingmommywithstyle in 2016!! I had no idea at the time I was filming it how successful it would be, and it become our highest viewed video on YouTube that we actually showed our faces in - and third highest overall lifetime viewed video on my channel! It made its way on to YouTubeKids and then took off from there, we actually came across a few people in our every day lives that came up to us and said, "Hey! We saw you on YouTubeKids!" - it was a surreal achievement to be sure!

And even though it was briefly mentioned above, let's just take time to specifically mention INtoyreviews which we started in 2016 as well! Some of my most popular videos on beingmommywithstyle have been toy related and while I may occasionally still have content related to toys from a mom point of view, as the girls are getting older they are getting more and more interested in YouTube and what it takes to film their own videos. We started INtoyreviews as a project together to place toy reviews I want to do additionally to anything I place on beingmommywithstyle, and any vlogs they want to film over on that channel! Stop on by and don't forget to subscribe!

It has been a whirlwind of a year, but through it all - YouTube has been there. Thank you for your support, kindness, and positivity you continue to give me on my channel! I hope I can bring you some brightness and joy to your day! If I do, then what I've set out to do has been achieved.

I will chat more in upcoming videos and blogs about what is in store for 2017! Until then...

** This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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