Thursday, December 29, 2016

My favorite videos of 2016!

In my previous post, I shared my Top 10 Viewed YouTube Videos of 2016 on beingmommywithstyle - in this post, I want to share my favorite videos of 2016! They are maybe not the most popular ones with viewers, but they are the ones I enjoyed filming, editing, and looking back on.

The Montages!!

Likely because I used to be a dancer in my younger years and always loved choreography, there is just something special about moving clips around and setting them to my favorite music. A bit of its own type of choreography in YouTube terms. This year I did a few montages that I know I will enjoy looking back on... even if they do tend to be some of my lower viewed videos. It's something I do for me.

Celebrating 15 million views on my channel... set to "Home" by Philip Phillips.

Looking back at our Disney vacations throughout 2016... set to "Good Time" by Owl City.

Vacation Memories!!

Vacation videos are always some of my favorites to look back on and this year we had a number of fantastic vacations to chose from! The cruise was truly unique experience for our family and I'm looking forward to trying one again in 2017. We also had our first on property experience at Walt Disney World that was a great milestone and a bit of local sight seeing as well!

I really enjoyed Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and would definitely love to check it out again sometime!

More great character experiences on our November 2016 trip, these are always fun videos to look back on!

Our Tusker House experience on our April 2016 vacation was stellar! One of my favorites to look back on!

The Hauls!!

Hauls are probably my favorite type of video to watch on YouTube myself, so I get why people enjoy them. These are some of my favorites of ours from 2016!

Our Firsts!

First days of school, first times at an activity, and first times trying new things... those are always fun vlogs for me as a mom to be able to watch after the moment has passed!

First Day of 1st Grade!

First Day of Pre-K4!

First time checking out Ann Arbor Hands On Museum!

Grand Opening of Chick-fil-A at Somerset Collection!

Legoland for Bella's 6th Birthday!

Heart-warming moments!

Some of the best rewards of vlogging are getting those moments on camera that you wouldn't have otherwise if you weren't a vlogger.

Lots of FUN!!

All of the fun projects, parties, and more!

Thanks for joining us in 2016!! I'm looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us and bringing our viewers along with us!

** This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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