Monday, November 7, 2016

Costco Shopping + Haul

Today's YouTube Video is shopping along with us at Costco and showing our Costco haul we purchased that day! I don't always do a blog post along with every video I post on youTube, but I felt like this would be a great one to dive into a little more in-depth.... because I frequently get asked what we routinely purchase at Costco and what our favorite things to purchase there are!

And no, we didn't end up leaving with a giant bear... but they DID love it!

Here's what we purchased that day!

Frequently at Costco, I'll stock up on lunch items for our family. We are creatures of habit when it comes to lunch and we like to eat the same things multiple times a week for that meal, the girls like their Smuckers Uncrustables sandwiches and my husband likes a frozen roast beef or Philly cheesesteak sandwich they sell there. I will usually buy those in bulk to last us a few weeks worth of lunches.

Other food wise items, I always purchase the girls' Honest Kids juice in bulk there, 40 juice boxes in 4 different flavors. We've tried the Kirkland brand and like it, but like that the Honest Kid version comes with one additional flavor. Lunch snacks are also popular items for us to grab there, Veggie Straws, Annie's Gummy Bunnies, Granola Bars for my husband, and crackers.

Once you get beyond those staple food items, it may just be on a "see it and want to try it" basis, or sometimes those handy stands they have in store DO get me and I grab the item being featured on the stand... our favorites thing to purchase there are lunch related items though.

Household wise, I only recently started buying toilet paper and paper towels at Costco (after they recently changed the make up of the Up & Up brand ones I had been buying), so I can't speak to how well or long they will last yet, but I know a number of viewers recommended we purchase those items at Costco. I love cruising the book section at Costco and I think they have a great selection of books and magazines, lately we've especially liked the kid's book sets and Bella has gotten a number of chapter book series to read at home.

Another item that you may not initially think "look at Costco" for, but we often find GREAT options are the clothing!! I love the clothing at Costco! Yes, me... Mommy with Style - buys clothing for the whole family at Costco, and often! I'm not immune to saving money, especially for items that are stylish and quality - I love getting a good deal!

Both girls got a light fall coat at Costco this year, and I've also purchased winter coats and snow suits there as well. I just purchased a pair of winter boots there for myself on one of my most recent trips there and LOVE them! They are adorable gray boots with a bit of fur around the top, and a great tread on bottom to handle Michigan winters. We buy athletic gear, pajamas, and even underwear at Costco! They have a really great selection and especially for basics, it is a great place to stock up.

These coats from Costco were such a great deal... $16.99!!

Last but most definitely not least... GAS! I always purchase my gas there! It is cheaper than all of the gas stations around us and worth stopping by once a week to fill up!

Hopefully this helps answer the question "What do you buy there?!?!" and in the future I can just direct viewers to this blog! We do get a wide range of items there and the membership has been a great purchase for us! What are your favorite items to get at Costco?

** This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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