Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Books we are loving right now! Preschool & 1st Grade Level

We LOVE books at our house! If you've been following my YouTube channel for awhile now, you know that books have been a big part of our life (and playroom!) from very early on! I have an entire reading series dedicated to encouraging little readers that are showing interest in reading, and my Bella was one of those... who took a liking and interest in letters, words, and reading at an early age. She has typically been reading above her age level, and I would definitely consider it just one of "her things" that she loves to do. She's currently in 1st grade.

Natalie, my preschooler, enjoys books and is at an emergent reading stage as a preschooler. She's working at her preschool with letter writing and reinforcement of letters and their sounds, but as always we like to do fun projects around the house and always have plenty of books available for them to peruse on their own!

I chat about some of our favorite books right now in this vlog on YouTube:

I wanted to give a special mention in this post though, of the stand out books that we've been loving recently!

The Wellie Wishers book series by American Girl is a brand new book series targeted at ages 4-7, which is perfect for us since both girls are in that age range! We already had a few of the Wellie Wisher dolls at the time the books were released, so the girls felt familiar with the characters and loved hearing about their adventures! The interiors had brightly colored pictures placed between text on the pages.

Brightly colored pictures inside the Wellie Wisher book series.

The chapters were easy to read and for my avid reader, Bella - she was able to finish the books in one day. For Natalie, a preschooler in the emergent reading stage, the pictures and stories held her attention really well and we read a chapter together at a time. Both girls thought the stories were fun, and especially the book where Camille loses a tooth - because both girls had just recently lost a tooth themselves!

Another series that Bella picked up from her school room library was the Magic Treehouse series, and she's been very into reading those as well. (As long as the stories "aren't too scary" as she says, luckily they have a variety to chose from.) I believe this will be the next series that she starts working on.

Natalie loves her character books - Disney Princess and Paw Patrol are two of her favorites! She's also been gravitating towards the "If you Give a Mouse a..." series and loves the silly premises in those books as well!

What are your kids loving to read right now? Have they started any new book series this school year?

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