Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to School Fashion for Moms!

It's back to school time! Some of you have already back to school for a few weeks, while here in Michigan, we still have 3 weeks of summer left and don't head back until September! (Not rubbing that in, I promise!)

I have already begun thinking about what supplies and prep items we need to be getting for around the house and at school though. I had been using this learning space in our home for summer learning, and this will transition to be a great homework space for my new 1st grader this year... homework will be something all new at our house!

Check out the tour of our homework space for younger kids on YouTube:

Our needs for school supplies to actually bring into school are fairly minimal this year, since our school participates in a supply order that we completed at the end of last school year. Bella will show up to school and there will magically be a box of supplies waiting at her desk for her. So while I will definitely miss the supplies shopping because it's always been a favorite activity of mine - it does take one thing off my "To Do" list.

What about the moms though? Often times, at this time of year we are running around getting everything in order for everyone else and we forget about ourselves. I think Back to School time is a great time to freshen up our OWN wardrobe, as well as the kids' - and I'm also planning on taking a few extra breaks to keep my new gel nails filled in, which seriously warrant their own post.... but they are amazing. I had them put on for our Disney Cruise and it was the first time trying them out - two weeks of great looking nails, no chipping, no peeling... I think that gel polish will become my new nail standard!

For my wardrobe, I've been loving loose flowly looks, neutrals, and creams mixed with tans! My Sanuk yoga bottom sandals have been worn a TON this summer and I'm also loving the cross body purse that I purchased from Nordstrom's for our cruise and plan to use that into the back to school time frame as well.

Here's a mash up I made on Polyvore of some of my favorite Back to School picks for MOMS!

Back to School Fashion for Moms!

What are you looking forward to for back to school? Do you have a fashion wishlist for yourself right now?

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