Saturday, June 18, 2016

Life in the middle of the whirlwind

What can I say, life hasn't just BEEN a whirlwind lately - it has felt like I've been living IN the middle of a whirlwind. Constantly. If the only thing for certain is that there will constantly be change, then our family has that one covered.

New hair color!! Holla!
So much has transpired, I truly don't know where to begin. We started out in April with a magical trip to Walt Disney World and rounded out the month with a jarring and unexpected incident, with a car driving into our house. Our lives were then turned upside down (again?) as we moved into an extended stay (again?)... and spent almost a month there before we could get back into our house. The process of rebuilding and fixing our house will be a long one, and if its any indication - a house in the same town that this similar type of thing happened at a year ago, they are still putting the finishing touches on getting the house done. It will be a long road.

Then tragedy at a further distance from our house, but still close to our hearts - a weekend full of tragedy in Orlando. A place I've visited since I was a little girl, gone "home" from college to my dad's house in Orlando (where he moved when I was in college), stayed summers at my dad's house there in Orlando, and spent every major holiday in at some point. Even though I'm originally from the state of Illinois, I've spent more cumulative hours in the city of Orlando, tenfold, than in the city of Chicago. My heart continued to break a million times over with each new event that happened there within a 5 day period there in June.

All of these things could be their own posts... but for today - a start. Every journey begins with a step, and I'm stepping back on the blog bandwagon. For an outlet, just for me. I enjoy writing out my thoughts, especially on events like these that personally affected me. I have been told that readers enjoyed my writing on my old blog Mom's Got a Brand New Bag, and yet, blogging always seems to fall behind the demands of YouTube. I found my niche with making videos and enjoy it as well, but I always wonder if I can "get it all together", and manage to write again as well. Every time I start to get my different outlets effectively managed, being held together like a Jenga tower - someone walks by and pulls a piece of the tower out and the tower comes crumbling down. So I regroup, and attempt to get my schedule pieced back together again.

Here at the end of June, the girls are finally out of school (Michigan school goes later into the calendar year than most states because of a law to promote tourism, schools do not start the school year here until after Labor Day), we have lots of fun learning projects planned that I would love to share in both video and blog format - and we also will be doing our regular fun outings like the zoo, beach at the lake, library, splash pads, and more. I plan to check in more often here on the blog, because well... something is always more than nothing. And as always, you can usually find me on Instagram (@beingmommywithstyle) and YouTube.

If you MISSED what all happened with a car driving into our house... check that out on YouTube HERE:

And I will be doing a separate written recap of our April 2016 Disney World trip (which I normally would have posted by now, but you know - whirlwind=life)... in the mean time, the playlist to our April 2016 Walt Disney World trip is HERE:

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