Thursday, June 23, 2016

Legoland Discovery Center at Great Lakes Crossing Michigan

Bella celebrated her 6th birthday at Legoland Discovery Center at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills, Michigan! Great Lakes Crossing is a large outlet mall in our area that has a large number of stores, great restaurants, AMC theatre and also two new entertainment options - a SeaLife Aquarium and newly opened Legoland Discovery Center! We had tried out the SeaLife Aquarium right after moving here, but since the Legoland Discovery Center opened during Spring Break, life had been so crazy for us that we hadn't had a chance to go.

I decided that it would be a great surprise to take the girls there for Bella's 6th birthday! She woke up that morning and opened the presents waiting for her...

Then later that morning we headed to Legoland! I think the picture says it all... they were definitely... EXCITED!!

The Legoland Discovery Center is a smaller type of entertainment center than a full theme park, like the Legoland Theme Park in Orlando - but our Discovery Center in Michigan does have two smaller rides, which the girls both enjoyed, a number of building areas, a 4D theater, and a large play structure. (Probably their favorite part!)

The girls were aged 4 and 6 on this trip, and I would say that the Discovery Center is most applicable for ages 4 through 10, although they did have a Duplo Farm area for the little ones and we did see children older than 10 having a great time. That would be my target age range to visit.

One of my favorite parts was the replica Lego version of the city of Detroit! Since we are transplants to the area, I haven't been downtown Detroit a TON, but the Lego version was truly breathtaking. Even not knowing what I was looking at. (Okay, okay... I've lived here long enough I know a fair number of the landmarks. I knew this was the Renaissance Center! Points??) The detail was amazing - and we even got a kick out them including the Metro Airport (including the giant tire you drive past on the way there!!), and a Lego version of the Great Lakes Crossing mall that we were standing inside.

We ate lunch at the Discovery Center and the girls got the kids meals that came with the mini Lego boxes to take home. They are working GREAT as Lego storage containers now a month later! (Natalie has quite the collection of the Disney Lego Minifigures going on!)

All in all, it was a great time and this is definitely something I would take the kids to do at least once a year! We the thought was in line with what you're getting, we had about 4 hours of play time inside and lunch was an additional $45.

Check out our VLOG of our day at the Legoland Discover Center in Michigan HERE:

Also, if you're interested - see what we thought about SeaLife Aquarium also located in Great Lakes Crossing HERE:

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