Monday, February 22, 2016

American Girl Surprise - Lea's Rainforest House! ♥ beingmommywithstyle

It's time for another AMERICAN GIRL SURPRISE!!! :) This time, I'm unveiling the American Girl Lea's Rainforest House (or Beach House as it's called on some materials & the instructions!) to my doll enthusiasts! I knew that Lea's story in the rainforest that included a lot of different animals would be a huge hit with my girls. One of our favorite things to do is go to the zoo and I love that this brings animal learning right into our home!

The shower on the side of the house was immediately a huge hit with them, as well as the accessories - the parrot actually gets a lot of play! Along with the laptop, table & chair set, and food. Surprisingly, I thought they would use the loft bed more than they have! It works great for storage though.

This summer we will be doing a Rainforest Animals learning unit and working in our AG Girl of the Year 2016 items into the learning fun!

What is your favorite part about Lea's Rainforest House?

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