Saturday, February 13, 2016

American Girl Spring Doll House Finds!! ♥ February 2016 | beingmommywith...

We found so many great things at Hobby Lobby that were all perfectly doll sized!! The bench was my absolute favorite, and most of the things were in the "Spring" section that was just newly put out - so you might check your local Hobby Lobby to see what they have in stock!

Natalie's favorite was the little pink trash can! I love that the lid is attached, so there is hopefully less chance of it being loss in the playroom abyss! Also, The planters we found at the Dollar Tree are the perfect size to "plant" the felt flowers from HL in them! The dolls will also have their own Easter baskets! ;)

We will be making a "roof top garden" on the top of the IKEA STuva piece that ordered, and I will be sharing that garden once its complete! These accessories will be sure to give it lots of character and add to the spring feel! 

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