Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Extended Stay Meals!

Living in an extended stay while waiting for our new house to be available has been a challenge, but I'm hoping that by sharing our experience we can give other people headed into the same situation some ideas - or just the knowledge that they aren't alone!

Eating while in the extended stay is one of those easy/hard type of things... because yes - the room does have a kitchenette area, with a refrigerator, microwave, and stovetop. However, it doesn't have an oven and you really start to realize how much you use something - when you not longer have it!

I've tried to be resourceful and figure out some stove top meals that we could make and would also allow for leftovers so that my husband would have food to take for lunch. After dragging my feet, I also went and bought another CROCK POT - a tiny, little one that looks adorable on the counter by the way! - and it has been one of the best purchases for the room so far!

Here are some of our recent grocery hauls of the food I purchased to make for meal in the extended stay!

Organization wise - I purchased a laundry basket with wheels that has been FAB-ulous... and I would highly recommend if you're looking at being in an extended stay for a period of time. And I also picked up a drying rack, which has been handy for extra towels, swimsuits, and also clothing on laundry day.

* We are a family of four on a relocation journey from Illinois to Michigan for my husband's job! We are staying in an extended stay for a number of weeks while we wait for our new house to become available, and our Illinois house has sold. Follow along as I attempt to cook for our family, entertain preschoolers in a hotel room, and keep us organized along the way!

** All opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

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