Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We love Shopkins at our house, so when I heard that the all new Season 3 would be coming out soon - I knew I was going to have to check out our local stores to see if they had received any yet. The stars aligned, and I happened to walk into our Toys'R'Us right after the Shopkins Season 3 items had been put on the shelf earlier that day - and I had a great selection of 12 packs, blind baskets, and NEW blind bags too!!

I picked up a few 12 packs, 2 blind bags, and only TWO blind baskets, trying to be conservative... I immediately regretted not getting more baskets by the time I got home. A few hours later, we journeyed back out to Toys'R'Us to see if I could get some additional Season 3 blind baskets to put up for rewards later on... and they were completely SOLD OUT at that point! Shoulda, coulda, woulda! I just feel lucky I was able to grab the items that I did!

There were a few 12 packs left when I made my return, so I did get two additional ones to put up for later.

We unboxed my original purchase - two 12 packs, two blind baskets, and two blind bags, and filmed it to share our haul! The girls are LOVING Season 3, and they frequently now play a little grocery store game with their Shopkins, play money, and homemade receipts. Honestly, I don't mind buying the additional Shopkins, because I feel like it is *somewhat* (ok, somewhat a stretch, but somewhat) a learning toy for them. Since they are so interested in the grocery store play aspect with them.

Some of our favorites from Season 3 include Wendy Wedding Cake, Suzy Sushi, Queen of Tarts, Snippy, and Vicki Vac - you can bet your buttons that we are going to end up with Maca Roon, the little macaron shaped cookie toys, at some point too!!

All in all, Season 3 has been a win for us so far - we love the redesigned baskets, the handles are easy to use and the pink & turquoise color scheme feels very summer-ish. Have you managed to pick up any Season 3 Shopkins yet? Our stores are now sold out, so we are on the hunt for more!!

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