Saturday, June 13, 2015

Moving = Stress

We are about halfway through our corporate relocation from Illinois to Michigan for my husband's job. The process started in April and at last now in mid-June we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with an offer on our current Illinois house, and moving companies calling us to set up times to come pack up our things. (Which is an amazing perk that I'm incredibly thankful to have, trust me! I've done all kinds of moves, and I do appreciate it.)

After moving EIGHT times the past 10 years... I can say one thing with certainty... regardless of whether its just one town over, you have one kid or two, or you're moving states away...


That is just how the equation goes. I thought this one would go smoothly, we've done this so many times before after all... but in the end, it is always stressful. Even after moving our things, having packed up our things almost as many times as we have been years married (our 10 year wedding anniversary is this year!) - the thought of changing location still gives me pause and an increase in heart rate. Just a bit.

With this move, while I do not have the stress of packing everything up, making sure things don't get broken, and loading it onto a truck, those are all lifted from me - the stress of selling our old place and finding the new place weighs that much more heavily. This is what WE are supposed to be focusing on, so it should go that much more seamlessly? Right? Not necessarily true. There's Murphy's Law (if you don't know Murphy, he's an old family friend of mine)... and inevitably always things that just end up happening that are out of your control.

So while I won't write a lovely post about how you can make moving STRESS FREE, because seriously - does that even exist beyond going on vacation the entire time someone else takes care of everything? I will write my few tips for relieving some of the stress or taking a time out along the way, to make it more bearable.

*1* Set a time to deliberate and discuss all things relating to the move. Write notes to cover all of the topics you'd like to discuss things relevant to the move with your significant other or others impacted by the move. Which leads me to #2....

*2* Set a time to NOT think about anything to do with the move. Whether it is 30 minutes or 1 hour out of the day, set aside a time during the day where you can take a mental break from the stress of moving and take your mind off of it. Whether it be doing your favorite actvitiy - reading, gardening, or putting together outfits on Polyvore, take a break and let your mind wander to less pressing issues for a span of time.

*3* Accept that things ARE going to happen during the move that are unexpected and out of your control. Trucks will show up late, something might get broken, schedules will clash, and so on... just mentally prepare yourself that something may not go as planned and hope for the best!

*4* Pace yourself. When you get to the new end, plan out which rooms to do first (I tend to like starting with kid's rooms and then going to the "priority rooms" like the kitchen, then working my way down to things like decor), and set a pace that is realistic. If you burn yourself out within the first week, that is how you end up with boxes that are still packed sitting in the corner a month later...

*5* Enjoy the journey, as cliche as that sounds. Moving is an adventure and it's taking you on a new path in life. Take some time out to explore your new city and neighborhood, see some new sights, and try some new food. These enriching experiences may even make you think a few weeks after the move.... That wasn't so bad, wasn't it? (It was, but luckily memory has a way of helping us out.)

Best of luck with your move, and I will keep you filled in on ours!

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