Friday, June 5, 2015

AQUOS Crystal goes To The Edge! With 5" Edgeless Screen

We've been having fun playing with the AQUOS Crystal mobile phone by Sharp Mobile the past few days! Most people are probably familiar with the funny face game that you can play with the phone, and the girls have enjoyed that. I've also found it amusing that Mommy can always get #WhatMommyWants (a smiling child that ISN'T making messes) with the edgeless screen design. If your little is less than amped up about your current activity - I've found that the "funny face game" works wonders - and if all else fails, just "picture in picture" impose a smiling photo of your child, and voila! Problem solved!

Kidding, kidding. Here are my thoughts on it:

And be sure to check out my LIVE STREAMS, NEW on Periscope!! I've given a sneak peek of the AQUOS Crystal fun prior to this blog post, and we will be live streaming at Bella's dance recital throughout the weekend! I'm looking forward to taking it #totheedge DANCE style!

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