Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reflections on the Disney Maker All Star Creators Conference - Final Day

The final day of the All Star Creators Conference, what more can you say? I got up in the morning and begrudgingly packed up my things to take down to bell services and check out. From there, I headed to breakfast and our last conference session of the weekend. (Sad face.) I was able to meet up with my Disney Rep one last time and thank her for helping me so much along the way. Voice Play, a singing group from Orlando, stopped by during the last conference session and it was a great send off!


After the session was over, we disbursed and I had a small amount of free time before the Magical Express was coming to get me to head to the airport. I decided to go over to EPCOT one last time since I hadn't been able to spend much time there over the weekend. There also was one item on my list of things to do that I had checked off yet, and I wanted to try that out! I got into the theme park just before 11am and realized the World Showcase hadn't opened yet. After the Showcase opened, I headed to Japan to try the "Pick a Pearl" experience! It was great fun and I was able to bring a beautiful pearl home with me!

From there, I had to make one last stop in the France Pavilion to pick up some macarons and macaron souvenirs. (Of course.) And by this time, it was time for a VERY special meet up!

After I had announced I would be in Florida, a number of my viewers asked about whether I would be doing a meet and greet. This was the first time hosting one for beingmommywithstyle. (I had previously hosted meetups for my handbag channel, Bags4Bubbles.) And I decided to set a date on Sunday at the Boardwalk Bakery! I headed over to meet everyone at noon, and it was a wonderful time being able to meet some lovely viewers in person and chat with them! One of my viewers is also a YouTuber, and is was great to be able to meet another YouTube mommy on the trip - Jessica from Kindercrafty was there with her family and I just loved them!
After that, it was time to head to the Magical Express area to get my luggage and head to the airport!

The All Star Creators Conference was a magical time that was full of memories and incredibly inspirational moments! It is an experience I definitely will never forget, and I think I was able to bring home some great ideas for my channel as well!

Watch my video on my final day the All Star Creators Conference here:

** FTC Disclaimer: I received an all expenses paid trip to attend the All Star Creators Conference after winning a video contest showing my Disney Side! I was not paid to blog or vlog the conference. All opinions are my own.

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